Our location
and history

Official wedding location
Mariënhof Amersfoort is a monastery in the city centre of Amersfoort. With magical gardens, a romantic courtyard and a 10 metres high wedding chapel it is a location with character. Mariënhof possesses many rooms with each its own atmosphere which offers you endless opportunities. In other words, it is the perfect location where you can celebrate all special moments in one place. See here the various pictures of our rooms.

Old and new meet at a special manner; by entering the location you will experience the atmosphere of the old monastery together with hints to the present. This is expressed by the modern day art collection, modern design and atmospheric led-lighting in the hallways.

Mariënhof offers the opportunity to wed in a civil and religious ceremony. Unique in its surroundings!



We have made an english brochure especially for you

Our age-old monastery is more than 500 years old and has served for many purposes. The location served in 1479 as a monastery for nuns and as an accommodation for Augustine monks. Mariënhof served for the longest time period as an orphanage (1611 to 1932). In that period, a weaving mill was accommodated, so the orphans where thought a craft. In between the orphanage and the recent function of Mariënhof it also served as a youth hostel and as a Michelin star restaurant.

Our service and weddingplanner

With our passion for hospitality and service, you and your guests can expect a high quality day. We are continuously looking for new possibilities to surprise our guests and to care in a special way.

Distinctive service
Our team of driven, young and enthusiastic people with broad experience know what a good wedding and wedding location entails. Special service on a high level is therefore in our genes! Our chef only works with fresh ingredients and our service will be executed in a special way.

With our experience we would love to think with you about the planning of your special day, so we can offer something special to make your wedding unforgettable.

With our team and partners we make your day careless since we will take care of everything. During all the preparations you will work together with our wedding planner Astrid de Boer.

Special hospitality
What distinguishes us is the way we deliver our service. Our exclusive way of service and presentation participate in the ultimate experience we like to offer on your wedding day. Our servers work in a tidy uniform and serve dishes from special trays or via playful materials. Our wines will be served from special ‘winebelts’.

We offer you and your guests warm hospitality. Our mission is to surprise, to care and to connect.




Perfect rooms for the ceremony are the beautiful Singelzaal (church chapel), the authentic Kloosterkamers or the sunny gardens. Mariënhof is an official wedding location in Amersfoort. All you have to do is arrange the wedding official.

De Singelzaal is our largest room where you can have your ceremony with a maximum of 180 guests. In this church chapel it is possible to wed in a civil and religious ceremony. De Singelzaal is a beautiful room and is more than 10 metres high, has stained glass and a gorgeous balcony where the chapel organ still strikes.


The Kloosterkamers are the most authentic rooms of the Mariënhof. Here you can really taste the atmosphere and ambiance of the past with its original ceiling and beautiful fireplace. A cosy and intimate setting for your ceremony with a maximum of 50 guests.

Our garden is in the centre of the monastery and is with its pond an oasis of silence one of the most beautiful courtyards of Amersfoort. The courtyard offers a beautiful décor for your ceremony during the spring and summer. Celebrate your ceremony outside in an intimate circle around the pond. A surrounding that feels like Tuscany. A ceremony in the courtyard is available with a maximum of 100 guests.

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After the ceremony it is time to cheer with each other! We can offer you and your guests a festive glass of cava, champagne or a non-alcoholic alternative.  

We work together with two great partners for wedding cakes. BUUF in de Serre, located in the Mariënhof, makes the most beautiful Naked Cakes and Sweet Tables, crafty and pure! Joey Mercuur is a top patissier with loads of experience. Sizes, looks and tastes… there are many possibilities! Of course it is also possible to take care of your own wedding cake.



We think surprising is important and hospitality is our passion. That’s why we are constantly looking for new ways to give your wedding an extra ‘touch’, also for your drinks! Besides the standard beverage arrangement you can also add extra items. Below you will find just a few examples of these extra possibilities that we can offer.

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We can take care of everything; from a luxurious four course-dinner to a delicious walking dinner, and from an extended buffet to a lovely barbecue.

2, 3, 4 or many more! ‘Italian’ long tables or cosy round tables… In a consultation with our chef, we will set your special course menu. A fun suggestion is a ‘sharing dinner’ in which several beautiful dishes will be presented on the tables.

Delicious dishes will be presented in an original and informal matter. That is how we describe our walking dinner. Our chef loves to present and cook several dishes live for your guests.  

A broad buffet with cold and warm dishes. There is food to everyone’s taste with for example our Kloosterbuffet or Italian buffet. It can absolutely not lack of a surprising way to present our culinary dishes.

The courtyard, the sunshine and our Green Egg. The best combination for a successful BBQ! Our chef will prepare the most delicious dishes and all you have to do is enjoy! 


A special day as a wedding deserves of course a festive closure! We have all the ingredients for a spectacular party. How about a big party in the Rôtisserie with a bar, stylish benches and a beautiful wooden floor that is perfect for a dancefloor. Do you want to open your party with an opening dance? We have a special entrance through which you can make a surprising entrance!



The winter is a beautiful and atmospheric season. Cracking fireplaces, marshmallows, glühwein, cosy spots, warm blankets and candles… The monastery takes care of the intimate and warm setting for a wedding day to remember!

Our warm city monastery will be transformed in a winter atmosphere and your wedding can be completely adjusted to a winter theme. By the entrance, the hallways will be lighted to a colour of your wish. During the reception, we can offer you and your guests coffee and tea with for example an almond wreath. After the ceremony you can cheer with a glass of bubbles or glühwein. Of course the wedding cake can be adjusted to the winter theme. Think about a traditional layered cake with winter accents or a beautiful Naked Cake.

Our monastery offers a beautiful décor with her rooms and good hideaway spots for your photo reportage. During these months it is beautiful to make pictures in the hallways with atmospheric lighting or outside in our romantic courtyard. And when it is starting to get dark, we can light the monastery inside and outside with candle lights and flares.

A big advantage of marrying in the winter is that there is less stress about the weather since everything is inside!

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Outside wedding

Our gardens offer a special décor for a wedding outside. We have two special gardens with diverse character.

The garden is a calming city garden. It has a beautiful entrance with a view on the front side of our impressive monastery. For example, arrive with your wedding car at the white fences and walk together through the gate where your family and friends are already waiting festively for you. Celebrate your wedding ceremony in a ‘green’ environment in the middle of the city centre. The terrace and broad lawn with a swing bench and fatboys offer many opportunities for receptions and drinks.
In every season the garden shows her most beautiful side, blossom trees, morning dew on the lawn or colourful leaves on the path to the entrance.

Completely surrounded by the monastery and church chapel is our special courtyard. The courtyard is an oasis of tranquillity, despite the fact that Mariënhof is located in the city centre, you will have an intimate place to enjoy together with your friends and family. The pond in the middle and the six plane trees set a beautiful décor for a wedding ceremony. Thereafter it is possible to have a nice BBQ or a dinner served at long tables to create the Italian feeling. The courtyard will guaranteed conquer your hearts!

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